we are family ♥ - and our family winery exists already in the third generation. In 1988 Birgit and Helmuth started the business and since 2015 their daughters Stefanie und Susanne were providing new ideas and bringing their own passion into the winemaking process.

With the beginning 2020 also our brother Georg is part of the winery - very happy news for us !

Our philosophy is still quite the same but we keep our eyes open for the future, always ready to both question and improve what we do in the vineyards and in the winery!

We farm our 12 hectares of land with a lot of care – a lot of it by hand and since 2018 all of our vineyards and wines are certified biodynamic by DEMETER ! Altenberg, Schafleiten, Goldberg, Gebühl and Ungerberg are some of the sites that provide us great terroir and a wide range of promising grapes // complex and characteristic wines that represent where they come from. Or basically just really good wines.

Our philosophy in short:

Biodynamically certified by Demeter. Soft pruning. Biodiversity in the cover crops. Living wines. Handcraft. Spontaneous fermentation. Hand picking. Time for ageing in oak and clay. No filtration, no fining. Fine lees instead of sulphur.

RENNER & rennersistas to be continued…